Read about our recent feature in the Texas Jewish Post below:

The Sh’ma Project: Move Against Hate, is taking off! We are taking important steps toward bringing Holocaust and Human Rights art and education into Texas communities and beyond.  Over the past few months we have written grants, brought artists together for pre-production, built an advisory board, and reached out to partners in the Jewish community, education, arts leadership, equity, dance, theater, and film. 

The biggest update is that Suki John’s choreodrama Sh’ma has pivoted to a dance film. This step, first taken to “Covid-proof” the project, has now yielded many ancillary benefits. Getting the dance on film means that we can bring in amazing artists who otherwise we could not have worked with – those who would not have been able to commit to a year of local touring. We are now working with members of Texas Ballet Theater, both as performers and as cinematographers well versed in screendance. We are bringing in soloists from out of state to create specific roles and characters. We are able to work strategically, designing the film to enhance the narrative, artistically deepening the overall effect and impact. Our team is diverse and distinguished: members of TCU’s College of Fine Arts, designers, ballet masters, theater and dance professionals. We are excited to prepare for rehearsals and filming in summer of 2022!

    Perhaps most significantly, the dance film will now be able to go anywhere, from Irving to Israel, and to be shown to all interested audiences. Upstander Workshops can be conducted in person or on Zoom, bringing young people into the process wherever they may be. This exponentially expands our ability to connect. 

   We will soon be launching a GoFundMe campaign, and other support platforms. We look forward to welcoming you into the many ways you can get involved and join us as we Move Against Hate!