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The Project

The Sh'ma Project uses the following tools to build understanding across diverse learning styles:


the film

Sh'ma follows a close-knit community through struggle and survival during the Holcaust. Sh'ma focuses on director Dr. Suki John's mother as she journeys from school days to Jewish ghetto, deportation to concentration camp, refugee to American citizen. Originally a live choreodrama performed in the former Yugoslavia and New York City, Sh'ma is now presented as a powerful dance film. Produced with 4 cameras, 15 extraordinary performers, original music and design, Sh'ma highlights resilience, connection, and hope. The film is available in full length and abbreviated formats.

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upstander workshops

Through movement, writing, and dialogue, Upstander Workshops give young people thoughtful, safe, and collaborative methods to contextualize history and create personal responses in empowering ways. Students are invited to participate in these workshops before and after viewing Sh'ma.

Our mobile group of educators are available to visit your community digitally or in person.



To deepen the meaning, breadth, and impact of The Sh'ma Project, students and educators are equipped with the free educational resource, The Holocaust: Remembrance, Respect, Resilience. This digital anthology was written by a team of international scholars, co-edited by Suki and fellow 2nd-generation survivor, Dr. Michael Polgar (Penn State University Sociology Professor).

Film will be available on Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, 2023

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