In pre- and post- performance workshops, student groups are guided in thoughtful, safe, and collaborative ways to contextualize history and make contemporary connections. Many young people have not had the opportunity to creatively process information about the Holocaust, questions of diversity/bias, or feelings of inclusion/exclusion. Combining movement, writing, and dialogue, these workshops  create an open space for young people to create their own expressive responses to difficult  material in empowering, personal ways.




Presented as a dance film, Sh’ma tells one family’s story of the Holocaust. The protagonist is based on director Dr. Suki John’s mother, whose journey took her from school days to yellow star, deportation to concentration camp, stateless teen to American citizen.

Film will be available on Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, 2023

Open Educational Resources

Sociologist and fellow 2nd Generation survivor, Dr. Michael Polgar, is working with Dr. John and a team of scholars to develop free online educational materials in “The Holocaust: Remembrance,  Respect, and Resilience.”  This resource, a project of Penn State University, is available for free to educators and students, enhancing and informing the meaning and impact of The Sh’ma Project.