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The Sh'ma Project

Move Against Hate

Photo by M. Alimanov Photography

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Our Mission

The Sh’ma Project: Move Against Hate, harnesses the power of the arts to teach young adults about the Holocaust and human rights.

Sh’ma (sh'mah)– which means "listen" in Hebrew, and comes from the central prayer of the Jewish liturgy. The Sh’ma Project entreats the audience to listen, process, and respond to the struggles and challenges John's family's endured during their journey as members of the Jewish faith in the Holocaust while discovering relatable connections in their own communities and modern lifestyles.
Adam Phillips, Keith Saunders

Photo by M. Alimanov Photography



Resisting the international resurgence of antisemitism, this educational and artistic project is designed to reach young adults, engage communities, and to build an understanding in ways that are unique to traditional lessons. To fully embody the content presented by The Sh'ma Project, its message is presented as a three-part system:

Samantha Pille, Kira Rai, Adam Phillips

Photo by M. Alimanov Photography

Carl Coomer, Insekt, The Sh'ma Project

Photo by M. Alimanov Photography

The Sh'ma Project is available for anyone who values the lessons of history, creative storytelling, and making our communities places that are welcoming and inclusive. Many students are deprived of the opportunity to creatively process information about the Holocaust, racism, ethnic cleansing and other identity-based atrocities. The Sh'ma Project brings these difficult, but necessary conversations to high schools, universities, museums, places of worship, film festivals, and artistic organizations where audiences are guided to interpret and contextualize the historical content in empowering and creative ways.

The Sh'ma Project, original production
The Sh'ma Project, original production

The production originally premiered in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia in 1990. Later, in 1999, it was revived primarily for performances in New York City for high school audiences. Since its creation, Sh'ma has been featured in publications such as the New York Times, Hadassah Magazine, and the Texas Jewish Post.

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Photo by M. Alimanov Photography

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